March 24th, 2014

Tetrical is a three dimensional stacking game. The object of the game is to obtain the highest score by filling layers with falling polycubes. The polycubes are all of the possible combinations of four cubes in three dimensions.

For an easier challenge, be sure to check out Cubical.

Strategy Tips:

Build up your stack toward the back of the space so your view is not obstructed. Have fun!!


  • Use the arrow keys to move the falling polycube around in space.
  • Hold the Ctrl key and press the arrow keys to flip the polycube forwards, backwards and sideways.
  • Hold the Shift key and press the left or right arrow keys to spin the falling polycube.
  • Press the Space bar to drop the falling polycube into place for the highest bonus.
  • After filling a layer, each remaining polycube will be shown individually to reveal any empty spaces. Press any key to cancel and resume play.
  • Use the < and > keys to spin the stack for a better angle.
  • Use the + and – keys to adjust the transparency of the stack.
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