SNAFU Tower Defense

March 24th, 2014


Game Overview

The objective of each mission in SNAFU Tower Defense (TD) is to prevent the enemy units from reaching the opposite side of the map. To accomplish this, you must build defenses using combinations of seven different towers that each have strengths and weaknesses. Once you build a tower, it will continuously search for enemy units to attack. The tower will attack it’s target until it is destroyed or is out of range. The enemy will attack in waves containing multiple units at set intervals.

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Starting A Game

After selecting a mission to play, you will have as much time as you want to build your initial defenses. During this time, towers are built instantly, and there is no penalty for selling towers. When your defenses are built to your liking, press the “Start” button to send the first wave of enemy units.

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Building Towers

To build your defenses, use your mouse to choose a tower from the buttons below the battlefield display. Once you have selected a tower type to build, mouve your mouse over the battlefield display. A glowing tower outline will follow your mouse. The outline also displays the base range of the tower as a circle. The outline will be green if you may place a tower at the current position, and red otherwise. Once you have found a suitable position, click the left mouse button to place the tower. Before you start a game, towers will be built instantly, but after the game has been started each tower will take a few seconds to finish construction.

Each tower button also has a hot key (1-7). You can press any of these keys to select the corresponding tower type.

Each tower has strengths and weaknesses, for a full description of each tower click here.

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Upgrading Towers

Once you have built a tower, you may upgrade each tower up to 5 levels. To upgrade a tower, click on the tower in the battlefield display, then click on the “Upgrade” button in the dialog below the battlefield display. Each level costs an increasing amount of credits. As towers gain levels, they can improve in a variety of ways including: longer range, higher damage and improved armor penetration.

While a tower is upgrading, it will not be able to attack, and the length of time to upgrade increases with each level. Plan ahead to upgrade your towers during lulls in the battle.

Once you select a tower, you may also press the “u” hot key to upgrade the tower.

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Selling Towers

If you decide that you don’t want a tower any more, you can sell it. To sell a tower, click on the tower in the battlefield display, then click on the “Sell” button in the dialog below the battlefield display. When you sell a tower, you will only receive 75% off the credits you have put into the tower, including upgrades.

While a tower is being sold, it will not be able to attack, and the length of time to sell each tower increases with each level.

Once you select a tower, you may also press the “s” hot key to sell the tower.

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Tower Targeting AI

For each individual tower, you may control how it chooses a target by changing it’s targeting AI. To change a tower’s targeting AI, click on the tower in the battlefield display, then choose an option in the dialog below the battlefield display. Targeting AI options include: Closest to the Goal (default), Strongest and Weakest. Selecting the proper targeting AI for each tower and situation can make a big difference.

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Points – When each enemy unit is destroyed, you will be awarded a number of credits to spend, and the same number of points will be added to your score.

Health – At the end of the game, you total health remaining will be multiplied by 100 and added to you total score.

Bonus – Two seconds after the start of each wave of enemies, the “Next Wave” button will become activated. If you press the next wave button, the next wave of enemies will be sent, and a bonus will be added next to your score. If you survive the mission, your bonus will be added to your total score.

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Barricade Barricade – A physical barrier that inflicts no damage to enemy units, only forces them to choose another path. Aerial units are not affected by barricades.
Machine Gun Nest Machine Gun Nest – Armed with a high caliber machine gun with a fast rate of fire. Machine gun nests can target both aerial and terrestrial enemies. They are best suited for taking out unarmored units one at a time.
Artillery Tower Artillery Tower – Fires ballistic anti-armor shells, delivering high damage to a single target. Slow rate of fire, but has great range and armor penetration. They are essential for taking out armored jeeps, tanks and trucks.
Mortar Tower Mortar Tower – Fires high explosive ballistic rounds that explode on impact damaging all enemies caught in the blast rating. Has low armor penetration, but when upgraded the blast radius and damage are devastating to groups of unarmored enemies.
SAM Tower SAM Tower – Launches guided surface-to-air missiles that can only target aerial units. Has an extremely fast rate of fire and great range. They are limited to only targeting flying enemies, but a few of these towers can go a long way when upgraded.
Microwave Tower Microwave Tower – Delivers a directed ray of microwave radiation that slows enemy personnel caught in its focus. The ray becomes more focused as it is upgraded, but also becomes more effective. They are only effective against grunts, but can extend the performance of all other ground targeting towers by extending the time they can attack each grunt.
EMP Tower EMP Tower – Generates a strong electro magnetic pulse that damages all mechanical enemies within range. In addition, the EMP has a chance to stun each enemy. They can be the line between victory and defeat when battling mechanical units. Also, instead of stunning aerial units, these towers will do 10 times the normal damage.

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Enemy Units

The enemy will attack in waves consisting of combinations of units. The enemy units will attempt to cross the map and escape at the opposite side. If an enemy unit escapes, it will deal a set amount of damage to your health. However, if you eliminate the eney unit before it escapes, you will receive a reward of extra credits. When some enemy units are eliminated, they will spawn additional Grunts at the approximate location of the eliminated unit.

Unit Name Damage Spawns Description
Grunt Grunt 1 Unarmored enemy foot soldiers. Grunts are the most common enemy unit. When they are spawned one at a time, grunts are not much to worry about. However, caution is required when grunts are spawned as a group.
Motorcycle Motorcycle 1 Unarmored and extremely fast reconnaissance vehicles.
Jeep Jeep 5 2 Lightly armored and fast attack vehicles.
Truck Truck 10 8 Lightly armored troop transport vehicles.
Tank Tank 20 4 Slow, but heavily armored assault vehicles.
Helicopter Helicopter 1 Lightly armored aerial reconnaissance vehicles.
Bomber Bomber 20 Devasting aerial assault vehicles.

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Hot Keys

Many functions in SNAFU TD can be completed using either the mouse or keyboard hot keys. Here is a list of all keyboard hot keys:

Hot Key Function
1 Select Barricade as the tower type to build.
2 Select Machine Gun Nest as the tower type to build.
3 Select Artillery Tower as the tower type to build.
4 Select Mortar Tower as the tower type to build.
5 Select SAM Tower as the tower type to build.
6 Select Microwave Tower as the tower type to build.
7 Select EMP Tower as the tower type to build.
G Toggles the display of the grid on and off.
H Toggles the display of tool tips on and off.
M Toggles the sound on and off.
P Pause and resume a game.
Q Quit a game. Note: You must still click Quit in the dialog below the battlefield display.
S Sell a selected tower.
U Upgrade a selected tower.

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