July 31st, 2018

Games published by Digital Machina:

Anagram Jams

Anagram Jams is the ultimate free word puzzle game! Boost your vocabulary and exercise your brain while having fun in this addictive word game!

SNAFU Tower Defense

SNAFU Tower Defense (TD) is Digital Machina’s take on the mazing tower defense genre. SNAFU Tower Defense provides 10 unique maps that deliver hours of entertainment.

Play SNAFU Tower Defense

Hashi ex Machina

Hashi ex Machina combines the challenging puzzle game Hashi with a timer to deliver an addictive experience similar to the classic Minesweeper.

Play Hashi ex Machina


Cubical is Tetrical’s kinder gentler cousin. While still presenting a substantial challenge, Cubical is more accesible for the average player.

Play Cubical


Tetrical brings the most addictive game of all time (Tetris) into three dimensions. Prepare for the most intense mental exercise of your life.

Play Tetrical

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